Thermography for heat losses and leak detection

Thermographic survey

Thermographic survey helps to save energy and reduce heat losses. IR thermography is used for construction faults detection and another defects of building envelope, roofs and allow to them be timely repaired before serious damages will happen. Thermography survey plays an important role in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and in equipment and materials investments protection.

Thermography makes it easier to identify the moisture condensation, defective concrete panels, joints between different materials, air leakage (filtration) through the building envelope (air barrier), irregularities in the heating system and makes it possible to localize defect and take necessary corrective actions. Best time for thermography is before interior works are done, right after windows installing and vapor barrier finishing.

The Blower Door usage

According to the requirements of the standard for thermography, the thermography survey should be carried out at a pressure difference (between the environment and inside the building) equal to or greater than 5 Pa, and operator should stay from lower pressure side. To achieve the guaranteed pressure drop in the building during thermography the blower door should be used. On the pictures in our gallery you can clearly see the benefits of blower door application as a tool for best results achieving when building inspection with IR thermocamera is used. Pictures from the left was taken without Blower Door (no pressure drop) and pictures from the right shows how the results are after Blower Door started to use in the same environment conditions – the cold air filtrated through air barrier from outside.