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Online trainings

Residential Duct Leakage Testing

DucTester Certification is accepted by many states to qualify for Code compliant tests. Learn the principles of duct leakage testing. How to set up, run and troubleshoot your Retrotec DucTester for Code compliance. Takes 2 to 4 hours and you'll know everything you need to perform a duct test. Complete the certification exam to get the Retrotec Manufacturer's Certification in the operation of your duct leakage testing equipment.

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Residential Blower Door Testing

After you complete this course you’re certified to perform a single-family, blower door test with a Retrotec frame, cloth panel and DM32 smart gauge. This course includes 13 modules with individual quizzes:

  1. Overview
  2. Preparing the Building
  3. Installing the Cloth Panel
  4. Installing the Blower Door System
  5. Gauge Set Up
  6. Conducting a Depressurization Test
  7. Desired Results are Not Achieved
  8. Changing Units to Get Different Results
  9. Conducting a Pressurization Test
  10. Adjusting Blower Door Fan with the Gauge
  11. Adjusting Blower Door Fan remotely
  12. Field Checking the Gauge (Done Weekly)
  13. Field Checking the System (Done Monthly)

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Enclosure Integrity Testing

Level 1 supplies the required information needed by witnessing authorities to properly verify an enclosure integrity test was done correctly using a detailed checklist and guide that virtually guarantees all significant factors are properly checked. Level 1 gives designers and consultants, the essential information needed to optimally design enclosures and clean agent systems. Properly designed enclosures and clean agent systems will yield the longest hold time and lowest peak pressure while reducing exposure to risk created by smoke events.

Enclosure Integrity Testers will learn the same details for verification and design that will ensure they properly understand the designer’s and the witnesses’ requirements. Testers should pass Level 1 before they can take Level 2 – Basic Enclosure Integrity Testing and Peak Pressure Analysis, which teaches how the actual door fan test equipment and software is properly used.

Level 2 is designed for testers who will learn about door fan test equipment, including basic theory and operation, and give them the foundation to run a single fan enclosure integrity test in accordance with NFPA 2001, ISO 14520, or EN 15004. Technicians will become familiar with the Enclosure Integrity Test Form that provides the chronological direction for any test, along with the companion guide that explains exactly what is required to complete each step. Exercises will be given to practice in the use of Retrotec's FanTestic Integrity software, which does all of the calculations in compliance with current standards.

Technicians will also learn to predict descending interface and continual mixing retention times, as well as peak pressures based on enclosure leakage measurements made using a door fan air leakage test kit. Separate door fan test procedures are used to measure the installed pressure relief vent area and the enclosure leakage that will determine Clean Agent hold times. This course includes training paths for both ISO and NFPA procedures.

Level 3 is designed for testers with experience performing single-fan Enclosure Integrity tests, and need to be able to perform larger and more complex tests that, to a large extent, involve techniques to determine the location of leakage paths. Technicians will learn how to measure leakage distribution through pressure neutralization tests where two fans are used for leakage isolation.

Trainings for groups

IRBEST arranges trainings for groups according to request.

We offer to train your personnel how to operate with Retrotec equipment, how to find leakages by using IR imager and /or smoke generators, how to improve airtightness of envelope after leakage location results.

Regular based trainings are available, please follow our news.

Personal trainings

We offer customized training to work with Retrotec equipment, advise on the air permeability of various objects